About us - who we are
DDL-Games was founded 2011 as a group of webdeveloper, designer and software engineer. Together we worked on different games, at the same time. It started in small, as some of a fun-project to give player all around the world a place to play. Soon we publish our minecraft server, our CS go and our Metin2 and Fiesta Online private server as a free to play game collection.
People started noticing us and provided us with more and more request for custom content for their purposes things like game launchers, signups, content management systems... and much more stuff.
What started as fun has now become hard work, soon DDL-Games member dismissed because none of us got time to build the desired extensions. Sadly we had to close the most games we published. We all got older, we all got fulltime jobs and earn good money in what we are now doing. Thanks to all of you that contributed to DDL-Games, was an awesome time ;)
Is it the end? Maybe mostly, but not at all. We decided to go back to times where it just was a fun project. You can still ask us if we can help out, but it can took time.
About us - What we do
  • personDDL_AtmoTS3 supervisor, privacy policy supervisor
  • personDDL_DaifelFiesta Online development
  • personDDL_DragonWeb development (PHP, MySQL, js, jQuery), Fiesta Online development